Premium Compatible HP 339 Black / 344 Tri-colour Dual Pack Ink Cartridges (C8767EE & C9363EE)

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Premium Compatibles by The Cartridge Centre are manufactured from the highest of quality parts ensuring this Premium Compatible HP 339 Black / 344 Tri-colour Dual Pack Ink Cartridges (C8767EE & C9363EE) produces the same quality and quantity of prints as the original equivalent.

As a Premium Compatible customer you're also protected by the terms of our full 12 month Guarantee, meaning it's a totally no risk purchase at a substantial saving on the equivalent original product.

Receive this Premium Compatible HP 339 Black / 344 Tri-colour Dual Pack Ink Cartridges (C8767EE & C9363EE) next working day with our next working day delivery service.

Why choose Premium Compatible HP 339 Black / 344 Tri-colour Dual Pack Ink Cartridges (C8767EE & C9363EE) by The Cartridge Centre?

✔ Next Working Day Delivery
✔ Fully Guaranteed
✔ 100% Customer Satisfaction
✔ No Risk Purchase
✔ Same Quality Of Prints As Originals
✔ Same Quantity Of Prints As Originals
✔ Substantial Saving


Colour: Black & Tri-Colour
Page yield: HP 339 Approx. 600 pages, HP 344 Approx. 600 pages


 This Premium Compatible HP 339 Black / 344 Tri-colour Dual Pack Ink Cartridges (C8767EE & C9363EE) is guaranteed to work in the following printers:

HP DeskJet 5740
HP DeskJet 5740XI
HP DeskJet 5743
HP DeskJet 5745
HP DeskJet 5748
HP DeskJet 5793
HP DeskJet 5940
HP DeskJet 5940XI
HP DeskJet 5943
HP DeskJet 5950
HP DeskJet 6520
HP DeskJet 6540
HP DeskJet 6540D
HP DeskJet 6540DT
HP DeskJet 6540XI
HP DeskJet 6543
HP DeskJet 6545
HP DeskJet 6548
HP DeskJet 6620
HP DeskJet 6620XI
HP DeskJet 6623
HP DeskJet 6628
HP DeskJet 6800
HP DeskJet 6830
HP DeskJet 6830V
HP DeskJet 6840
HP DeskJet 6840DT
HP DeskJet 6840XI
HP DeskJet 6843
HP DeskJet 6848
HP DeskJet 6940
HP DeskJet 6940DT
HP DeskJet 6943
HP DeskJet 6980
HP DeskJet 6980DT
HP DeskJet 6983
HP DeskJet 6985
HP DeskJet 6988
HP DeskJet 6988DT
HP DeskJet 6988XI
HP DeskJet 9800
HP DeskJet 9800D
HP DeskJet 9803
HP DeskJet 9803D
HP DeskJet 9808
HP DeskJet 9808D
HP DeskJet 9860
HP DeskJet 9868
HP OfficeJet 7205
HP OfficeJet 7208
HP OfficeJet 7210
HP OfficeJet 7210V
HP OfficeJet 7210XI
HP OfficeJet 7213
HP OfficeJet 7215
HP OfficeJet 7300
HP OfficeJet 7310
HP OfficeJet 7310XI
HP OfficeJet 7313
HP OfficeJet 7400
HP OfficeJet 7408
HP OfficeJet 7410
HP OfficeJet 7410XI
HP OfficeJet 7413
HP OfficeJet H470B
HP OfficeJet H470BT
HP OfficeJet H470WBT
HP OfficeJet H470WF
HP OfficeJet K7100
HP OfficeJet K7103
HP OfficeJet Pro K7108
HP Photosmart 2500
HP Photosmart 2570
HP Photosmart 2571
HP Photosmart 2573
HP Photosmart 2575
HP Photosmart 2575A
HP Photosmart 2575V
HP Photosmart 2575XI
HP Photosmart 2577
HP Photosmart 2578
HP Photosmart 2600
HP Photosmart 2605
HP Photosmart 2608
HP Photosmart 2610
HP Photosmart 2610V
HP Photosmart 2610XI
HP Photosmart 2613
HP Photosmart 2615
HP Photosmart 2700
HP Photosmart 2710
HP Photosmart 2710V
HP Photosmart 2710XI
HP Photosmart 2713
HP Photosmart 8000
HP Photosmart 8030
HP Photosmart 8038
HP Photosmart 8049
HP Photosmart 8050
HP Photosmart 8050V
HP Photosmart 8050XI
HP Photosmart 8053
HP Photosmart 8100
HP Photosmart 8150
HP Photosmart 8150V
HP Photosmart 8150W
HP Photosmart 8150XI
HP Photosmart 8153
HP Photosmart 8157
HP Photosmart 8400
HP Photosmart 8450
HP Photosmart 8450GP
HP Photosmart 8450V
HP Photosmart 8450W
HP Photosmart 8450XI
HP Photosmart 8453
HP Photosmart 8700
HP Photosmart 8750
HP Photosmart 8750GP
HP Photosmart 8750XI
HP Photosmart 8753
HP Photosmart 8758
HP Photosmart D5100
HP Photosmart D5145
HP Photosmart D5155
HP Photosmart D5160
HP Photosmart D5163
HP Photosmart D5168
HP Photosmart Pro B8300
HP Photosmart Pro B8330
HP Photosmart Pro B8338
HP Photosmart Pro B8350
HP Photosmart Pro B8353
HP PSC 2600
HP PSC 2610
HP PSC 2710

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Graham Langford

[****] works well no problems

Fouad Aslam
Excellent experience so far.

Order went through smoothly. Shipment arrived on time. Product so far is top notch and the print quality is very good. Cant comment on the longevity as only used for a few pages, but so far so good.
Will buy again as this is such a great bargain considering the crazy high price of original toner replacement cartridges.
Highly recommended

Bertram Jones
Excellent Value

Considerable cheaper than original, worked perfectly well

Jaroslaw Wierzbicki
Quick delivery

Purchased cartridge with The Cartridge Centre again. As before everything was fine. I recommend it.

John Cooke
Cartridge replacement

Excellent service, good price and quality