Premium Compatible Black HP 10 Ink Cartridge - (C4844AE)

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Premium Compatibles by The Cartridge Centre are manufactured from the highest of quality parts ensuring this Premium Compatible Black HP 10 Ink Cartridge - (C4844AE) produces the same quality and quantity of prints as the original equivalent.

As a Premium Compatible customer you're also protected by the terms of our full 12 month Guarantee, meaning it's a totally no risk purchase at a substantial saving on the equivalent original product.

Receive this Premium Compatible Black HP 10 Ink Cartridge - (C4844AE) next working day with our next working day delivery service.

Why choose Premium Compatible Black HP 10 Ink Cartridge - (C4844AE) by The Cartridge Centre?

✔ Next Working Day Delivery
✔ Fully Guaranteed
✔ 100% Customer Satisfaction
✔ No Risk Purchase
✔ Same Quality Of Prints As Originals
✔ Same Quantity Of Prints As Originals
✔ Substantial Saving


Colour: Black
Page yield: Approx. 2,200 pages


 This Premium Compatible Black HP 10 Ink Cartridge - (C4844AE) is guaranteed to work in the following printers:

HP Business InkJet 1000
HP Business InkJet 1100
HP Business InkJet 1100D
HP Business InkJet 1100DTN
HP Business InkJet 1200
HP Business InkJet 1200D
HP Business InkJet 1200DN
HP Business InkJet 1200DTN
HP Business InkJet 1200DTWN
HP Business InkJet 1200N
HP Business InkJet 1200TWN
HP Business InkJet 2000C
HP Business InkJet 2000CN
HP Business InkJet 2200
HP Business InkJet 2200SE
HP Business InkJet 2200TN
HP Business InkJet 2200XI
HP Business InkJet 2230
HP Business InkJet 2230DTN
HP Business InkJet 2250
HP Business InkJet 2250SE
HP Business InkJet 2250TN
HP Business InkJet 2250XI
HP Business InkJet 2280
HP Business InkJet 2280TN
HP Business InkJet 2300
HP Business InkJet 2300DTN
HP Business InkJet 2300N
HP Business InkJet 2500C
HP Business InkJet 2500CN
HP Business InkJet 2600
HP Business InkJet 2600DN
HP Business InkJet 2800
HP Business InkJet 2800DT
HP Business InkJet 2800DTN
HP Business InkJet 3000
HP Business InkJet 3000DTN
HP Business InkJet 3000N
HP Color InkJet 1700
HP Color InkJet 1700D
HP Color InkJet 1700DTN
HP Color InkJet 1700PS
HP Color InkJet 2600
HP Color InkJet 2600DN
HP Color InkJet CP1700
HP Color InkJet CP1700D
HP Color InkJet CP1700DTN
HP Color InkJet CP1700PS
HP Color InkJet CP2600
HP Color InkJet CP2600DN
HP CP 1700
HP CP 1700D
HP CP 1700PS
HP DesignJet 100
HP DesignJet 100 Plus
HP DesignJet 10NR Plus
HP DesignJet 110
HP DesignJet 110 Plus
HP DesignJet 110 Plus R
HP DesignJet 110NR Plus
HP DesignJet 500
HP DesignJet 500 24 Inch
HP DesignJet 500 42 Inch
HP DesignJet 500 Mono
HP DesignJet 500 Plus
HP DesignJet 500 Plus 24 Inch
HP DesignJet 500 Plus 42 Inch
HP DesignJet 500E
HP DesignJet 500PS
HP DesignJet 500PS 24 Inch
HP DesignJet 500PS 42 Inch
HP DesignJet 500PS Plus
HP DesignJet 500PS Plus 24 Inch
HP DesignJet 500PS Plus 42 Inch
HP DesignJet 70
HP DesignJet 820 MFP
HP DesignJet CC 800PS
HP DesignJet Color Pro CADGA
HP DesignJet Colorpro CAD
HP DesignJet ColorproGA
HP DeskJet 2000C
HP DeskJet 2000CN
HP DeskJet 2000CSE
HP DeskJet 2000CXI
HP DeskJet 2200C
HP DeskJet 2250
HP DeskJet 2500C
HP DeskJet 2500C Plus
HP DeskJet 2500CM
HP DeskJet 2500CSE
HP DeskJet 2500CXI
HP OfficeJet 9100
HP OfficeJet 9110
HP OfficeJet 9120
HP OfficeJet 9130
HP OfficeJet Pro K850
HP OfficeJet Pro K850DN

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good service


Quick delivery and good price does the job

Good product

Delivery was prompt and at a good price. Cartridges working well.

Samsung Replacement Toner

Spotted the Cartridge Centre after a quick on-line search. Plenty of contact info displayed on the site and this was backed up with bonus buy offers at excellent prices. The ordering/despatch was was very quick and easy, with a good price even though I was unable to take advantage of the multi-buy offer. Thank you 'CC' will use again! KB-L

Excellent value

A reasonably priced toner cartrdige that works a treat. Why pay more?