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Premium Compatible HP 338 / 343 2 Ink Cartridge Multipack (SD449EE)

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Same quantity of prints as original version

Each cartridge prints approx 600 pages @ 5% coverage

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Long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place

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Compatible HP 338 / 343 Multipack Description

Introducing our low-cost compatible HP 338 & 343 ink cartridges —a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality. This compatible HP 338 & 343 ink cartridge multipack bundle includes two ink cartridges: one black (prints approx 600 pages), and one tri-colour (prints approx 600 pages).

Manufactured to the highest standards, our compatible HP 338 & 343 cartridges guarantee the same quality of prints and the same quantity of prints as the original version, providing exceptional prints every time.

Choosing our compatible HP SD449EE ink pack over OEM means substantial savings without compromising performance. We are committed to offering the lowest online prices, ensuring you get the best value compatible HP 338 343 ink cartridges for your printing needs, we promise unmatched affordability without compromising on performance. Experience high-quality printing without the hefty price tag.

Rest easy with our no-risk purchase—our compatible HP SD449EE cartridges come with a full 12-month guarantee. Plus, by law, using compatible HP 338 / 343 ink won't invalidate your printer warranty, providing peace of mind.

Order HP 338 / 343 compatible cartridges before our specified deadline for next working day delivery. For detailed information on our order cut-off times, please check our delivery information page. 

Upgrade your printing experience with cost-effective and high-quality premium compatible HP 338 & 343 ink-jet cartridges from The Cartridge Centre.

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Royal Mail orders must be placed before 16:00 Mon-Fri for same day despatch


Parcelforce orders must be placed before 17:00 Mon-Fri for same day despatch

This compatible HP 338 / 343 printer ink multipack is guaranteed to work in the following printers:

HP DeskJet 460
HP DeskJet 460C
HP DeskJet 460CB
HP DeskJet 460WBT
HP DeskJet 460WF
HP DeskJet 5740
HP DeskJet 5740XI
HP DeskJet 5743
HP DeskJet 5745
HP DeskJet 5748
HP DeskJet 5793
HP DeskJet 6520
HP DeskJet 6540
HP DeskJet 6540D
HP DeskJet 6540DT
HP DeskJet 6540XI
HP DeskJet 6543
HP DeskJet 6545
HP DeskJet 6548
HP DeskJet 6620
HP DeskJet 6620XI
HP DeskJet 6623
HP DeskJet 6628
HP DeskJet 6800
HP DeskJet 6830
HP DeskJet 6830V
HP DeskJet 6840
HP DeskJet 6840DT
HP DeskJet 6840XI
HP DeskJet 6843
HP DeskJet 6848
HP DeskJet 9800
HP DeskJet 9800D
HP DeskJet 9803
HP DeskJet 9803D
HP DeskJet 9808
HP DeskJet 9808D
HP DeskJet 9868
HP OfficeJet 100
HP OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer
HP OfficeJet 150 Mobile
HP OfficeJet 1510PSC
HP OfficeJet 1610PSC
HP OfficeJet 6200
HP OfficeJet 6203
HP OfficeJet 6205
HP OfficeJet 6210
HP OfficeJet 6210V
HP OfficeJet 6210XI
HP OfficeJet 6213
HP OfficeJet 6215
HP OfficeJet 7205
HP OfficeJet 7208
HP OfficeJet 7210
HP OfficeJet 7210V
HP OfficeJet 7210XI
HP OfficeJet 7213
HP OfficeJet 7215
HP OfficeJet 7300
HP OfficeJet 7310
HP OfficeJet 7310XI
HP OfficeJet 7313
HP OfficeJet 7400
HP OfficeJet 7408
HP OfficeJet 7410
HP OfficeJet 7410XI
HP OfficeJet 7413
HP OfficeJet H470
HP OfficeJet H470B
HP OfficeJet H470BT
HP OfficeJet H470WBT
HP OfficeJet H470WF
HP OfficeJet K7100
HP OfficeJet K7103
HP OfficeJet Pro K7108
HP Photosmart 2570
HP Photosmart 2571
HP Photosmart 2573
HP Photosmart 2575
HP Photosmart 2575A
HP Photosmart 2575V
HP Photosmart 2575XI
HP Photosmart 2577
HP Photosmart 2578
HP Photosmart 2600
HP Photosmart 2605
HP Photosmart 2608
HP Photosmart 2610
HP Photosmart 2610V
HP Photosmart 2610XI
HP Photosmart 2613
HP Photosmart 2615
HP Photosmart 2700
HP Photosmart 2710
HP Photosmart 2710V
HP Photosmart 2710XI
HP Photosmart 2713
HP Photosmart 7800
HP Photosmart 7830
HP Photosmart 7838
HP Photosmart 7850
HP Photosmart 7850V
HP Photosmart 7850XI
HP Photosmart 8100
HP Photosmart 8150
HP Photosmart 8150V
HP Photosmart 8150W
HP Photosmart 8150XI
HP Photosmart 8157
HP Photosmart 8400
HP Photosmart 8450
HP Photosmart 8450GP
HP Photosmart 8450V
HP Photosmart 8450W
HP Photosmart 8450XI
HP Photosmart 8453
HP Photosmart 8750
HP Photosmart 8750GP
HP Photosmart 8750XI
HP Photosmart 8753
HP Photosmart 8758
HP Photosmart C3100
HP Photosmart C3110
HP Photosmart C3125
HP Photosmart C3135
HP Photosmart C3140
HP Photosmart C3150
HP Photosmart C3170
HP Photosmart C3173
HP Photosmart C3175
HP Photosmart C3180
HP Photosmart C3183
HP Photosmart C3185
HP Photosmart C3188
HP Photosmart C3190
HP Photosmart C3193
HP Photosmart C3194
HP Photosmart Pro B8300
HP Photosmart Pro B8330
HP Photosmart Pro B8338
HP Photosmart Pro B8350
HP Photosmart Pro B8353
HP PSC 1500
HP PSC 1503
HP PSC 1504
HP PSC 1506
HP PSC 1507
HP PSC 1508
HP PSC 1510
HP PSC 1510S
HP PSC 1510V
HP PSC 1513
HP PSC 1513S
HP PSC 1514
HP PSC 1600
HP PSC 1603
HP PSC 1605
HP PSC 1608
HP PSC 1610
HP PSC 1610V
HP PSC 1613
HP PSC 1615
HP PSC 1618
HP PSC 2300
HP PSC 2350
HP PSC 2352
HP PSC 2353
HP PSC 2355
HP PSC 2355P
HP PSC 2355V
HP PSC 2357
HP PSC 2358
HP PSC 2600

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FAQs for HP 338 / 343 ink cartridges

Can compatible HP 338 / 343 ink cartridges dry out?

Eventually all compatible HP 338 / 343 ink cartridges will dry out. To ensure the longest life for your HP SD449EE printer ink, leave the cartridges in their sealed packaging until needed and try not to go long periods without printing.

Will this HP 338 / 343 ink cartridge bundle work in my printer?

Click here to find out which printers this item is compatible with.

Where can I buy cheap HP 338 / 343 ink?

At The Cartridge Centre, we take pride in providing budget-friendly solutions for your printing needs. Our low-cost HP 338 / 343 compatible cartridges are designed to deliver the same exceptional results as the OEM version, ensuring quality prints at a fraction of the cost. We are committed to offering you the most competitive prices online, promising unmatched affordability without compromising on performance. Trust The Cartridge Centre for reliable, cost-effective alternatives that guarantee a seamless printing experience while maximizing your savings.

How many pages does HP SD449EE ink print?

Each cartridge prints approx 600 pages @ 5% coverage.

Still unsure?

Still unsure?

Navigating the world of HP 338 / 343 multipack ink cartridges for your printer can feel like a maze, but fear not! At The Cartridge Centre, we're dedicated to making this process simple and stress-free for you. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way. If you have any questions or uncertainties about compatible HP SD449EE printer cartridges, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Head over to our contact page, and we'll be delighted to provide the guidance and support you need. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to ensuring you find the perfect compatible HP 338 / 343 multipack printer ink.

Next Day Delivery

We provide next day delivery for compatible HP SD449EE ink when purchased before a specified time. Check the deadline on our delivery information page

Same Results

Our compatible HP 338 / 343 ink cartridges produce the same results as the OEM version


Compatible HP 338 / 343 printer ink will not invalidate your printer warranty

No Risk Purchase

Compatible HP SD449EE printer cartridges are protected by the terms of our full 12 month Guarantee